“Jimin Has ARMYs Running To Dior” — Hilarious Video Leaves Fans Confused Over Designer BTS Photocards With Every Purchase

“Wait, is this real? 🤯”

Over the past year, many of the BTS members have branched out as solo artists and, most recently, have even gotten their own solo sponsorships. Among the members who have become associated with luxury fashion brands, Jimin was just announced as the newest global brand ambassador for the designer brand Dior.

BTS’s Jimin | Dior

As per the “BTS Effect,” many things the members wear, do, or even eat quickly go viral among ARMYs. A popular TikTok by user @cryskay_ showed Jimin’s influence when she decided to cop some Dior goods for herself.

The way I ran to Dior because Jimin’s their global brand ambassador

— @cryskay_

In the video, she unboxes a gorgeous Dior wallet — but quickly finds something special inside!

Located within the envelope, she reveals not only one stunning photocard of Jimin…

…but two!

Continuing on, she unboxes the mini black saddle bag and opens it up.

Revealing more photocards, many fans were left in awe and wondered if the luxury purchase would gift fans the world’s most expensive photocards! However, she clarified that the photocards are simply from Jimin’s W Korea cover photoshoot and are not included with a Dior purchase.

Fans left their hilarious reactions in the comments, feeling equally jealous and amazed.

It’s a shame — We were ready to start saving up!

Watch the full video below.


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