BTS’s Jimin Finally Reveals His Full “Moon Phases” Back Tattoo

It’s so beautiful!

BTS’s Jimin has finally revealed his full-back tattoo! 

BTS’s Jimin | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Jimin was one of the first BTS members to get a tattoo 

But last year, he added a new addition of, an artsy moon phases tattoo, extending what was originally just one moon. He got the idea from V, who suggested it after seeing an ARMY’s stunning fanart depicting Jimin with the moon phases on his back. 

ARMYs were suspicious that Jimin had made this tattoo a reality after seeing more than one moon tattoo on his back. Also, it appeared he had more when he wore see-through tops. 

Jimin has been teasing us about a full tattoo reveal for a long time. He asked ARMYs to be patient but reassured them they would see the entire tattoo one day.

During promotions for his solo album FACE, he has continued to tease ARMYs. We have seen a second moon…

…and the full tattoo through a see-through top like before.

When Jimin unboxed his physical album, he revealed that he actually included a photo showing off the full moon-phases tattoo. Yet, the photo got divided into two in the photobook, so the tattoo got stuck in the binding. He encouraged curious ARMYs to pull out the pages and piece them together.

Thankfully, you won’t have to do that anymore…

Jimin uploaded a video to his Instagram account, showing behind-the-scenes of the “Software Version” concept photoshoot for FACE. So, we can finally see the full photo. For the photoshoot, Jimin wore a white top that was perfectly cut in such a way that it framed his back tattoos.

ARMYs are rejoicing over the tattoo reveal! We’ve waited so long, but the wait was worth it.

Previously, Jimin was spotted wearing another top that framed his tattoos. But he often kept a jacket on.

We hope he shows off his tattoos more in the future! They’re so beautiful.


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