BTS’s Jimin Shows Off Tattoos In Second “Me, Myself, And Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’” Photofolio Preview

Jimin’s concept is so sexy!

BTS‘s Jimin previously gave ARMYs just a sneak peek at a neck tattoo for the new “Me, Myself, & Jimin” photofolio called ID: Chaos. That alone drove ARMYs wild.

Now, Jimin has unveiled the second set of preview photos, and there are even more tattoos!

Jimin’s back tattoos are moons.

After Jungkook, Jimin has some of the most tattoos out of all the BTS members.

Jimin appears to have added even more temporary tattoos for his photofolio. In the first photo, he rests in a moody, romantic light. New tattoos can be seen on both his neck and collarbone.

In the next photo, Jimin wears the same silky peasant top with a jacket. Yet another tattoo can be spotted peaking out from his chest.

Jimin also posed in front of a moon-shaped light, which adds even more to the dreaminess of the photoshoot. It also helps to highlight his chest tattoo even more!

Lastly, an extreme close-up of Jimin’s face was shared. Even in the darkness, his features shine.

Jimin is really showcasing his sexy, raw side with this photofolio, and we love it!

Check out the first set of preview photos below.

BTS’s Jimin Showcases His Unreal Visuals And Toned Physique With His Sexy AF “Me, Myself, And Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’” Concept Photos

Source: bts_bighit