BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Accidentally Almost Swear During Their Livestream And Things Quickly Get Chaotic

Even V made an “offensive” mistake! 😂

Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook returned for a chaotic livestream after their WORLD EXPO 2030 “Yet to Come” in Busan concert — and things spiraled out of control in the most hilarious way!

BTS’s Jungkook, J-Hope, V, and Jimin | Weverse

While in the middle of a conversation about the setlist, Jimin was discussing whether or not the members should have pushed back the song “Run BTS” towards the middle/end of the setlist in order to allow more fans to see it. However, as he was speaking, he realized something he said accidentally sounded like a swear.

The members cracked up in laughter as he explained how 아이씨 (pronounced as aish, meaning a sound of exasperation) and 막 (pronounced as mak, meaning “just”) together almost sounded like a cuss word in Korean.

As he tried to continue what he was saying, he couldn’t let it go. He made sure to clear his name before the media twisted what he really said!

This is going to keep on bothering me. Is there going to be a news article? ‘Jimin curses.’ ‘Curses during a live show.’ ‘Cursing to the fans.’ Something like this.

— Jimin

Soon after, V accidentally misworded what he was saying: He mistakenly said he was “disappointed in ARMY” instead of “disappointed for ARMY” upon hearing how slow the ticketing process was outside of the venue.

Jimin immediately gave V the same fate he gave himself!

Hey! There’s going to be an article. ‘V is disappointed in ARMY.’ *Laughing*

— Jimin

This hilarious energy of accidentally saying the wrong thing continued to the end of the broadcast when the 4 members were trying their best to make a heart together.

When J-Hope said 아이씨 (pronounced as aish, meaning a sound of exasperation) and 빨리 (pronounced as bballi, meaning “quickly”), it once again sounded like a Korean cuss word!

Lastly, Jungkook didn’t accidentally say anything crazy like the others, but he did get into a big discussion about farting. Check it out the hilarious moment below!

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