BTS’s Jimin Panics When He Mishears J-Hope And Thinks He’s Told To “F*ck Off” 

You can feel his wave of emotions 😂

BTS is back and to no one’s surprise, they have been sweeping headlines left and right!

BTS | Big Hit Music

Global boy group BTS made their highly anticipated comeback with their summer track “Butter” and as they usually do, they have been garnering heavy attention. To celebrate their comeback, BTS held a live session for all their doting fans. While the 7 members make headlines for any and all things, Jimin has been making headlines due to a funny “mistake.”

BTS member Jimin | Big Hit Music

In a short clip from their live broadcast, fans can hear J-Hope talking to Jimin about turning something off (kkuh-juseyo). In Korean, kkuh-juseyo translates to turn it off, which sounds similar to kkuh-jiseyo, which means get lost or f**k off. Due to the similarities, when J-Hope says kkuh-juseyo (turn it off) during their broadcast, Jimin can be seen looking mighty confused at J-Hope’s sudden use of “curse words.”

J-Hope: “Jimin-sshi, can you turn….can you turn it off (kkuh-juseyo)?”
Jin: “Turn it off please”
*Jimin looks visibly confused*
V: “He’s not telling you to get lost/f*ck off (kkuh-jiseyo)!”
Jimin: “Everyone, we usually don’t use this type of language on our broadcasts! Jimin-sshi get lost/f*ck off (kkuh-jiseyo).”
J-Hope: “I meant turn it off (kkuh-juyeso)!”
Jin: “Turn it off!”
V: “Turn it off!”
J-Hope: “Jimin-sshi, you were always in charge of turning it off.”

The similarities between the two words really threw Jimin in for a loop. Look at his confusion! Jimin’s facial expression has the classic, “did he really just say that?” look written all over it.

Jimin’s rollercoaster of emotions can be felt through the screen with this one look. Sheer panic, confusion, anxiety, “what did I do?” types of thoughts….look at his face!

Capture from BTS’s live broadcast | Twitter

Thankfully, the air was cleared between the boys immediately and they were able to laugh it off. Jimin’s look of relief after the confusing back and forth may be the best part of the entire clip.

Capture from BTS’s live broadcast | Twitter

Meanwhile, BTS premiered their comeback song titled “Butter” just a few hours ago and unsurprisingly enough, they have been breaking records ever since. Check out their music video down below!

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