BTS’s Jimin Reveals What He Has Planned For Their 2-Month Break

ARMYs have mixed feelings about it.

BigHit officially announced that BTS will be taking a 2-month hiatus break so that they can recharge from working tirelessly over the past 6 years. But within hours, Jimin held a live broadcast to converse with his fans!


Although he could’ve been relaxing by the beach or enjoying time to himself, he chose to spend time with ARMY as he began talking about everything from music and pre-debut days to treasured memories.


He revealed that for the first day of his official holiday, he slept for 10 hours! He caught up on much-needed sleep and woke up at 4 am.

Shall I be honest? Totally honest? I woke up and it was 4 pm. I was sleeping the whole time, then I ate and came straight here.

So I’m embarrassed. I didn’t know I would sleep this long. I think I slept like 10 hours today. I slept too much my back aches a lot.

— Jimin


He also confessed that although he’s given 2 months of hiatus, he doesn’t have plans for any vacations yet! So far, he’s stayed at home and spent time doing nothing special – which is very important after overworking your mind and body for the past decade!

I heard that the official announcement for our vacation was released yesterday. But I have no plans so it’s a problem.

Every time I get time to be alone, I don’t have much to do. I think I just waste time.

I just play music and use my tablet to make songs and practice singing. I walk around, open the fridge, and just spend the day like that.

I lay on the sofa and just play on my phone. Time passes by like that so I don’t know exactly what to do yet.

— Jimin


But after working so hard and holding tours for consecutive years straight, he feels like he’s missing something in his life now that there aren’t any concerts in the near future.

It’s been a month since our last concert. In my opinion, the members feel strange if we don’t perform because we performed for such a long time. It goes the same for me too.

It makes me wonder what I’m doing. It’s not like feeling skeptical or anything… It feels like we didn’t do something we needed to do.

— Jimin


He also recalled back when RM and he used to not handle long vacations well because they felt they were wasting their time when they should be doing something more.

[RM] and I talk about this a lot. It’s not like we took a lot of vacation in the past but if the vacation becomes extended, [RM] and I had a hard time.

It’s not as bad now but before, it felt like we were making a big mistake. It felt like while I was resting, I needed to be doing something.

But if I was just resting, it felt like I was wasting that time. So we used to say that our vacations shouldn’t be too long.

— Jimin


Ever the personality to focus his all on his career and fans, Jimin revealed that his one plan for the vacation so far is the work out so that he can keep up with the fans’ energy during their performances!

I’m planning to go [to the gym] after talking with you. My plan is to work out a bit.

Everyone, yesterday I realized that I lack physical strength! Everyone was enjoying themselves so well yesterday, so I had a great time too!

After ‘FAKE LOVE’, we performed ‘MIC Drop’ and then ‘IDOL’. I was already excited since ‘MIC Drop’. After ‘HOME’ and ‘Best Of Me’, I was beyond excited.

Honestly, it was over since ‘FAKE LOVE’.

It was time to talk after ‘MIC Drop’… That’s when I thought, as an idol, I was planning on getting everyone riled up before I left but I was already over-excited.

I realized that I needed to become a stamina monster. So after talking with you guys, I plan on working out by myself.

— Jimin


Hearing Jimin’s plans to focus his vacation on becoming a better artist for his fans, ARMYs are both grateful and conflicted by the news. They love his sweet heart for always thinking about the fans but hope that he will truly spend time for himself to do what he loves to do!


Here’s to BTS finally getting to enjoy time for themselves after a long 6 years!


Source: Asia Today