BTS’s Jimin Updated ARMYs On His Condition On Weverse, But Jin Had Something Else Entirely On His Mind

The neverending saga continues!

After it was revealed that BTS‘s Jimin had undergone surgery for acute appendicitis and was then being treated for COVID-19, netizens couldn’t stop worrying about him. Luckily, the latest update announced that Jimin had recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Although updates from the company and even member V are reassuring, nothing made ARMYs happier than Jimin updating fans himself on Weverse. On February 5, Jimin went on Weverse to update fans on his condition.

As you guys worried about me, I was able to fully recover quickly!

The doctor & nurses worked really hard as well (for me)..ㅜ I’m sorry I made everyone worry, but thank you.

I won’t be getting sick/hurt anymore!

| Weverse

Well, if there’s one person who is always available to reply to the members on Weverse, it is the oldest member Jin. Considering how long the members have been apart, Jin rightly wanted to reply to Jimin, but his reply had ARMYs LOL-ing because it was “Classic Jin.”

BTS’s Jin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Under the post, Jin commented, “(Let’s have) a drink?” and for any ARMYs who have been following Jin, he seems to have been on a mission to drink with all the members following their trip to America. Unsurprisingly, Jimin also found the comment hilarious, replying, “Hahahahahaha just one drink.

| Weverse

Not one to be put off by what seemed like rejection, Jin tried to find another approach to entice Jimin into having a drink with him by adding, “It’s disinfecting time…we must clean you once inside with alcohol.

Considering the health properties alcohol has been known for, which includes disinfecting bacteria, it seemed like an appropriate choice of words… but Jimin didn’t think so as he jokingly replied to Jin’s answer with “Quiet.”

| Weverse

Although it was neither Jimin accepting nor declining the invitation, Jin then decided to make things more light-hearted and started a game where you have to take the last letter of the word and say another one.

In this case, Jin took the “yong” from “joh-yong” meaning quiet, and replied with “yonggary” which is a giant T-rex from the South Korean film Yongarry and also the name of a snack.

| Weverse

As expected, when the posts were shared, fans couldn’t get over the interactions between the two members. It was nice to see Jimin being active again by having fun with hyungs and reassuring ARMYs that he was getting better.

Yet, as mentioned previously, it isn’t the first time Jin has gained attention from netizens for his attempts to have a drink with his members. At the end of last year, Jin commented under one of J-Hope‘s Instagram posts about having a drink for Christmas.

Under the picture, Jin explained, “Jwe-Hope, you said you wanted to have a drink with me on Christmas Eve,” and it seemed like J-Hope was all for it as he replied, “Contact me.

Even V seemed to be influenced by Jin when, despite being with J-Hope and Jin, V missed his members even more as he commented, “Jyan, Jya-Hope, it’s snowing. So, should we go for a drink?

Hopefully, Jimin will take Jin up on his offer for a drink because there is no denying that all the members will be excited to see him and make sure that he is okay!

You can read more about Jin’s love for his members and desire to drink with them below.

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Source: Weverse