BTS’s Jimin Explains Why He Cried Himself To Sleep After The Billboard Hot 100 Win

The team credits leader RM the most for this achievement.

Fans all know that BTS‘s Jimin is just one big ol’ ball of softness that you want to protect. When the news of their Billboard Hot 100 win broke out, the little mochi was crying buckets at 4am in the morning while congratulating his baby maknae Jungkook for the win and his birthday.

During the Media Day press conference, Jimin took a question to explain his tears.

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He explained that he was together with Jungkook when they both heard of the news, and he got so emotional and happy that he kept crying. Jimin also shared that the members continued talking late into the night, praising their leader RM, for his efforts in keeping the group together that enabled them to come this far.

Perhaps the reality did not sink in yet as the boys mentioned that this was the point where they realized that they could achieve things just when they try to as well. However, the real reason for Jimin’s nonstop tears were that he felt that this award was more than just another win. To him, it represented being told that he had done a good job so far – it was a payoff and a culmination of all the hard work the team had put in over the years.

We’re sure that BTS will continue to achieve even more in the years to come, thanks to their members, company and of course, the undying support from ARMYs!

Read the full translation of his answer to the question below.

To be honest, I don’t know. I heard the news a little bit late. RM told us the news at 3:20am, but I only heard about it around past 4am, and I cried until about 7am when I got tired and fell asleep on the sofa.

I was really surprised when I first saw the news. I was with Jungkook, and we were so happy and kept looking at the charts. While we were doing that, tears kept falling and I cried so much.

We kept talking amongst the members. RM really worked hard, and we kept saying, ‘Because hyung was in the group, we were able to come this far.’ What we said the most was that, ‘So it’s possible for us too, if we try’.

Thinking about it now, there are things that we have protected until now, things we want to do, and things we have done or are doing – it feels like this is us being acknowledged and receiving a reward for all of that. It feels even more like we are being complimented and told we did well for all the hard times we went through together.

So I think that’s why I cried. I really miss the fans and really want to perform soon.

— Jimin

Source: Newsen