BTS Thinks Jin Is Insanely Handsome With His New Buzzcut — And He Can’t Help But Get Flustered

We can all agree with what Jimin said.

BTS‘s Jin looks good no matter what and his members are sure to let him know! During his recent military entrance ceremony, everyone was hyping Jin up with compliments.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

One thing the members quickly became amazed by was Jin’s shaved head!

Due to its round and smooth shape, J-Hope even compared Jin’s head to a Dragon Ball from the anime Dragon Ball Z! Maybe the members are on the way to getting their wish granted.

However, nobody could deny that Jin’s handsome visuals allow him to pull off the look with ease. As RM walked over, it was the first thing that came out of his mouth!

You’re handsome!

— RM to Jin

Jimin had to chime in and say that the haircut is good because of Jin’s handsome face.

It works because hyung is handsome~

— Jimin

Jin couldn’t accept the slew of compliments thrown at him. His rare shy side came out!

JH: If someone’s handsome, they can make it work.

J: What are you talking about? Ahhh~

However, he has no problem gassing himself up in his latest Weverse post showing off the new look.

LOL It’s cuter than I thought [it would be]!

— Jin

| Weverse

Jin’s good looks know no bounds!

Check out more from Jin’s entrance ceremony below.

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