BTS’s Jin Spills On His Favorite Scene From “The Astronaut” Music Video

He has the best reason for it!

BTS‘s Jin just dropped his highly-anticipated solo single “The Astronaut.” Not only are ARMY going crazy over the brand new song, Jin’s fellow members. are busy hyping him up across all social media platforms.

The stunning music video was released at the same time, featuring the most intricate and sentimental details.

Fans are left with the most emotional reactions to the video. However, Jin recently shared his own favorite scene.

During a livestream, he discussed everything related to the preparation of the song. When asked about his personal favorite scene, his choice is sure to put a smile on ARMY’s faces!

2:20 is personally my favorite scene, it’s where I tilt my head. I like it because I look handsome.

— Jin

However, later on during the livestream, he shared another scene — for the same reason!

4:43 is my favorite scene. I look good.

— Jin

As expected, he looks flawless during those scenes…and every scene!

You can always expect a great answer from Jin!

Check out the full video below.


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