ARMYs Think BTS’s “Jin Hit” Was The Brains Behind The “BTS In The SOOP” Upgrade, And Here’s Why

It’s all down to “JinHit” Entertainment!

After the surprising announcement that BTS would be returning for the second season of their much-loved show BTS In The SOOP! Fans were even more excited after a preview of the brand new upgraded villa was released in one of the first trailers!

Poster for BTS In the SOOP 2 | @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter

Although their lakehouse in the first season was beautiful, there was a serious upgrade in the trailer with a custom-made house just for SOOP! With two massive houses, a pool, and much more, it was no surprise that the members were all in awe of the location.

The new location for the series | INTHESOOP_TV/ YouTube   

Yet, it seems as if ARMYs might have found the brain behind the design: BTS’s Jin!

BTS’s Jin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On social media, fans took a trip down memory lane to an old episode of BTS’s show Bon Voyage and quickly found an episode that might have been the inspiration behind the new location. In the clip, Jin was traveling in a car with Suga and RM, singing along to the radio!

| Weverse 

During the clip, Jin describes what seems like his perfect house to the members in the car!

In the green meadows, I want to build a picturesque house and live with our lovely BTS.

— Jin

| Weverse 
| Weverse 

Looking at the preview of the new house, it is definitely picturesque and surrounded by a lot of greenery like Jin had envisaged! It seems like the perfect place for BTS to stay and have some time to relax amidst all of their busy schedules.

| INTHESOOP_TV/ YouTube   

If that wasn’t enough, ARMYs think Jin might have given fans a spoiler of the location during Festa 2021. During the event, Jin explained that he wanted a Bangtan Village for all seven members, and it seems like his wishes are coming true!

Once again, Jin has proved that he is literally good at everything, and ARMYs say he has cemented the nickname of “JinHit Entertainment!” You can watch the whole trailer below.