BTS’s Jin Never-Before-Seen Response To Chef Baek Jong Won Leaves ARMY Shook

Fans love his honest reaction.

BTS‘s Jin new show, Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey, recently started airing on YouTube. The episodes of the series follow Jin as he learns how to make traditional alcohol, accompanied by celebrity chef Baek Jong Won and Korean alcohol artisan Park Rok Dam.

The first two episodes, released on November 12, already showed the hilarious dynamics between Jin and chef Baek. And ARMY even got an unexpected look into Jin’s house, which left them with mixed thoughts.

On November 19, two more episodes of the show aired, and fans once again couldn’t get enough of the entertaining chaos. Laughing at every moment, like Jin’s reaction to how many people at a market recognized Chef Baek.

And the two celebrities proved their close friendship by explaining that they bonded over similar interests while drinking together.

Jin and chef Baek Jong Won | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

When Jin explained that he would “love to go [to chef Baek’s house] again sometime,” chef Baek immediately invited him to come whenever he wanted.


Even offering to let Jin sleep over at his house since “it takes about an hour in traffic” for Jin to get to chef Baek’s house.


Jin further showcased their friendship by asking chef Baek if he was stopping one of his hobbies, backpacking.


To which chef Baek not only assured Jin that he planned to keep backpacking but told the idol that he’d even visit him in the military.


Jin’s reaction couldn’t have been more iconic, with the idol rolling his eyes twice while chef Baek kept laughing.



Fans were shocked, never having seen Jin react this way before, and finding it incredibly amusing.

And they assume that chef Baek anticipated Jin’s reaction, which is why he kept laughing rather than getting shocked like ARMY.

There’s no denying that ARMY love Jin’s authenticity and incredible sense of humor.

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