Chris Martin Opens Up About Choosing “The Astronaut” For Jin, Proving Coldplay And BTS Are “Brothers”

Chris Martin and Jin showed off their incredible friendship.

BTS‘s Jin just gave his live debut performance of his meaningful single “The Astronaut.” Not only was the single an emotional rollercoaster for fans, but Jin opened up to ARMY about how his plans to enlist in the military kept getting altered and why he chose to wait for the Yet To Come concert in Busan.

JIn | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Jin also opened up about how rigorous it was to record “The Astronaut,” proving his incredible skill as an artist.


The song was a gift from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who maintains an incredible friendship with BTS, and fittingly Jin performed the song at Coldplay’s recent concert in Argentina.

The concert was momentous, with ARMY turning the stadium purple and loudly supporting Jin.

And, of course, Chris Martin and Jin showed off their friendship and support of each other.

In his introduction for Jin’s performance, Chris Martin opened up about how Jin had approached him about finding a song “that says goodbye to everybody for a little while.”

And so, about six months ago, one of their members called me up and he said, ‘I have to leave the band in December for two years, I have to join the army in Korea because that’s the rule.’ And he said, ‘I need a song that says goodbye to everybody for a little while.’

— Chris Martin

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Chris Martin was not only willing to help Jin but even gave him “one of [their] best songs” so he could have the perfect gift for ARMY.

And then this song arrived, and I was like, ‘This is one of our best songs. Let’s give it to this gentleman.‘ And he’s flown all the way here from Korea.

— Chris Martin

Chris Martin then shared his well wishes for Jin’s time in the army, hoping “it goes okay.

So for a couple of years, he has to go and join the army, which is serious stuff, and we hope it goes okay.

— Chris Martin

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Before encouraging the crowd to cheer loudly for “our brother from our band of brothers,” once more proving just how incredible Coldplay and BTS’s relationship is.

But please give the biggest and most wonderful welcome to our brother from our band of brothers. This is ‘The Astronaut,’ and this is Jin.

— Chris Martin

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