BTS Jin’s IRL Visuals And True Personality Is Revealed By Two Extras From “The Astronaut” Music Video

“We don’t listen to much of BTS or K-pop in general but…”

BTS‘s Jin is an idol that always seems to be praised by people he comes in contact with. Whether it’s his dazzling visuals, unreal talent, or charming personality, Jin is truly worth the praise he receives.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since debuting, Jin has lived up to his name, “Worldwide Handsome,” but also cemented his amazing talent and personality when interacting with those around him.



Recently, two people who interacted with Jin shared his IRL beauty and personality in a video.

The idol recently released the video for his solo track “The Astronaut.” As expected, the video, song, and lyrics were absolutely beautiful and truly captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Jin’s “The Astronaut” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

Well, it seems like even those non-BTS fans have nothing but nice words to say about Jin after two extras from “The Astronaut” music video spilled on their experiences. The Ortega Twins recently shared their experiences in a YouTube video.

From the very beginning, the twins had some of the most relatable comments and they had in-person experiences to cement those views. As soon as the video started, the twins couldn’t stop commenting on Jin’s skin, adding, “This man is a porcelain doll. Just perfect skin.”

Even in real life and being up close to him, we’re just like, ‘You’re real.’ He looks better than we will ever look.

— Ortega Twins

The twins then revealed that even though Jin was the star, he still ensured that he interacted with those around him. In particular, while filming a scene standing in front of him, they explained how it was sunny, so the idol was being covered by an umbrella.

They had us in front of him, and it was a sunny day and he had like an umbrella. But he was such like a pleasure to work with. He turns around and goes, ‘hi.’ My heart was melting.

— Ortega Twins

During the video, the twins explained honestly that they didn’t really listen to BTS songs or K-Pop in general. Yet, they both explained how much they loved Jin’s song, adding, “He just has a great voice.” 

They also explained how they believe Jin is just good at portraying and telling a story through his actions, adding that they might have become BTS fans… or Jin fans at least.

Yet, it isn’t the first time those working with the group have praised Jin. Bibi, from the YouTube channel LiveOutLoud was a dancer for the group during their Seoul show and couldn’t stop praising Jin’s visuals.

The most impressive ones were RM and Jin. They were really tall.

— Bibi

Even though Jin is a global star, it is known that BTS are truly a pleasure to work with. No matter who you are, the members will always make sure to make everyone around them feel appreciated. The Ortega Twins seemingly had nothing but kind words to say about Jin, and their words prove not only his visuals but also his true personality.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Ortega Twins

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