BTS’s Jin Playfully Accuses J-Hope Of “Using Him” For Clout

ARMYs do love “2Seok” content!

BTS‘s “2Seok” love to tease and have fun!

BTS’s Jin (left) and J-Hope (right).

J-Hope posted a series of photos from BTS’s recent music show recording.

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He served major duality in between the photos with his different fits.

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Yet, there also appeared a photobomber!

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Jin appeared when J-Hope was taking the photo of his “OOTD.” Still, the two did take a photo together, too.

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And that photo is the one J-Hope chose as the main photo to appear on his Instagram feed.

So, Jin teasingly accused J-Hope of intentionally selecting their photo together with the intention to “gain more followers.” J-Hope’s response couldn’t be sweeter, though!

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Jin: J-Hope, I see you’re uploading photos taken with me to gain more followers

J-Hope: as long as im with you i have nothing to be afraid of

We know it’s all jokes, of course. Jin posts more pictures of them together than anyone!

Recently, “2Seok” (nickname for the duo originating from the members’ real names, Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok, respectively) have been driving fans crazy with their visuals in selfies.

Besides, Jin is always asking J-Hope to go for drinks with him!

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And sure enough, they did have a drink!

These two have countless memories together, especially since the creation of their Instagram. Whether giving each other bizarre birthday gifts or being the first to comment on each other’s posts, they clearly have an unbreakable bond!

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