Here’s The Real Reason Behind BTS Jin’s Sexy And Long Locks

What do you think of Jin’s luscious locks?

On March 6, BTS‘s Jin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook shocked ARMYs when they surprised them with a live broadcast. As expected, it was true chaos from the very beginning, with the members clowning ARMYs, talking about their upcoming PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows, and much more.


Yet, aside from all the chaos, there was one thing on every ARMYs’ brain, and it was Jin’s hair.

On March 4, Jin shared some CEO-esque pictures on Instagram. His hair was already looked on point, growing out to his shoulders and radiating true “Boyfriend vibes.”

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram

Well, if those pictures shocked ARMYs, they couldn’t believe it when Jin’s hair seemed to be even longer when the four BTS members went live for fans. It was now touching his shoulders and was definitely handsome AF.

As expected, ARMYs couldn’t stop talking about it during the broadcast, and even the members couldn’t help but mention it. Jungkook read out a comment from fans saying, “Jin, your hair is so long…” J-Hope agreed but added, “Why are you covering your handsome face?


However, Jin was there to defend his hair, explaining, “I’m not covering it!” In fact, Jin’s growing hair meant a lot more than ARMYs might think and it’s hard to fault his reasoning.

I think my hair is part of my body. It means that my good looks are growing.

— Jin


Of course, if it continues growing out at this rate, there is no telling just how long it can be, and even J-Hope wanted to know what the future of Jin’s hair would be.

If there are any ARMYs who are obsessed with long-hair Jin, then they don’t have to worry as he added that he would let it grow, “Until it touches the ground?


Later in the broadcast, Jin joked that he’d grown his hair on purpose just in case he could dress up during the concert. Yet, it was only halfway ready for what the oldest member of BTS had planned…


And it seems even more epic than the cute apple or Squid Game themed hair fans saw last year.

| Weverse
| Weverse

Even though ARMYs might love it, J-Hope then wanted to see what the other members thought and he explained, “Clap once if you like it long, and clap twice if you like it short.” Even though the two youngest members didn’t clap, both Jin and J-Hope clapped twice…


Of course, even though the members might not love it as much as we’d hope, ARMYs are definitely all for it and they couldn’t stop sharing their love for the hairstyle.

With a few days until the Seoul shows and plenty until the Las Vegas leg of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show, it will be interesting to see if Jin keeps his promise to grow it long and the finished product.

You can read more about Jin’s new hairstyle below.

BTS’s Jin Stuns ARMYs With New Sexy Hairstyle

Source: BTS/ VLIVE