ARMYs Are Convinced This Outfit Does Something To BTS’s Jin

It brings out a whole new side of him! 😂

Everyone has that one outfit that makes them feel their best, and for BTS‘s Jin, it’s his matching watercolor Louis Vuitton set. Not only does the outfit have a hilarious backstory, it also gives him special powers…according to ARMYs!

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

Fans say the outfit brings out his confident and goofy side, which he showed off during a fierce game of Just Dance.

He mimicked all the moves flawlessly…

…and was completely in the zone!

Even the side-by-side comparison is incredible!

Next, the group selfie struggle lead to one of his iconic poses and a classic quote.

I sure pushed my butt out.

— Jin

That’s not all he did in the luxury look! He cuddled with Jungkook

…had playtime with Bam…

…and got some cooking done with Suga.

He also had some time to throw on a pair of sunglasses and turn into a famous actor!

Jin might bring out his silly side when he’s dressed to the nines…

…but let’s be honest: He does this anyways!

Jin’s just always confident!

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