BTS’s Jin Low-Key Spoiled A Scene From “The Astronaut” MV Ahead Of Its Release

It all makes sense now!

On Friday, October 28, BTS‘s Jin released his anticipated solo single “The Astronaut,” co-written by Coldplay, along with its music video, which follows him as an extraterrestrial being that crash-landed on earth.

While ARMYs suspected long ago that Jin filmed the MV in Los Angeles (they were totally right), Jin himself spoiled it (or at least a specific scene) before its release.

During the music video, there’s a scene of Jin aggressively running in a suit. It’s a moment that appears straight out of a movie.


Some ARMYs pointed out that they don’t remember seeing Jin ever run before, though.

Well, Jin had lowkey hinted at this scene during his guest appearance on rapper Lee Young Ji‘s YouTube show Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare or Nothing Much Prepared).

BTS’s Jin | @bts_bighit/Twitter

He expressed during his time on the show that he was experiencing aches and pains because he had gone on a 10-minute run a few days prior.

| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

At the time, ARMYs were curious why Jin had been running, and some even thought he was lying to cover something up. From what we know, he doesn’t usually exercise by jogging or anything like that.

Now, having seen the MV for “The Astronaut,” we know he must have been filming the running scene! It all makes sense now.

While that’s surely an iconic moment from the MV, it’s not Jin’s favorite scene. Check out what it is below.

BTS’s Jin Spills On His Favorite Scene From “The Astronaut” Music Video


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