BTS’s Jin Always Makes Time For Friends, Just Ask His Bestie, VIXX’s Ken

Ken mentioned his besties during a recent broadcast.

BTS‘s Jin is a social butterfly who makes new friends wherever he goes. Whether it’s a bar owner abroad…

…or a famous chef at home, Worldwide Handsome collects pals like RM collects Pokemon.

Chef Lee Yeon Bok and Jin | @fuxtom/Instagram

Jin’s long list of besties includes fellow idols, including VIXX‘s Ken

BTS’s Jin (left) and VIXX’s Ken (right). | @jaehwany0406/Twitter

…and B1A4‘s Sandeul. This handsome trio of ’92-liners has been friends for many years.

B1A4’s Sandeul and BTS’s Jin | @SANDEUL920320/Twitter

Back in 2016, Ken tweeted several photos from his hangouts with Jin.

| @jaehwany0406/Twitter
| @jaehwany0406/Twitter

The two have been spotted hanging out at the Idol Star Athletics Championships

…and at award shows.

Left to right: BTS’s RM, BTS’s Jin, and VIXX’s Ken.

Last year, Jin sent Sandeul a sweet message when Sandeul’s radio show Sandeul’s Starry Night reached its 100th episode.

| DFJourney/YouTube

Hello, this is BTS’s Jin. My friend Sandeul’s radio show Starry Night has reached its 100th night already. I congratulate you sincerely. Starry Night, as it shines of its history and tradition, there is DJ Sandeul who shares good songs and warm stories. Really amazing. I wish you guys to be with the listeners for a long time. This was BTS’s Jin. Thank you.

— Jin

It’s been a while since Jin, Ken, and Sandeul socialized at a public event, but they are still in touch. Jin is currently preparing to perform in Las Vegas, but no matter how busy he gets, he still finds time to connect with his friends.

Ken mentioned his friends during his recent birthday broadcast. “I talked to Sandeul after a long time,” he told fans. “I talked to Jin too. Jin worried about me…I need to see them.” 

| @samdolssmile/Twitter

Here’s hoping for more of their friendship moments in the future!