BTS’s Jin Proves He’s The Best Friend Anyone Could Have, Sending Lavish Gifts To Chef Lee Yeon Bok

Can Jin be our friend too?

Imagine being able to say, “My friend is a member of BTS?” Most people can’t, but one person who can confidently say this is Chef Lee Yeon Bok.

Since he met BTS on Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator in 2017, he has become #bestfriendgoals with none other than BTS’s Jin, and they have cemented their status as true friends.

From left: Jin, Jimin, Chef Lee Yeon Bok on “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator” | JTBC

The two have constantly been seeing hanging out with each other and sharing their meetings on social media.

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More recently, Jin again proved that he can do everything after Chef Lee Yeon Bok praised the idol for his skills after their cooking masterclass, explaining that the food was “made really well” and was “delicious.”

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On February 23, Chef Lee Yeon Bok showcased this friendship again during an episode of KBS‘s Godfather. While he gave the hosts a tour of his studio, not only did he explain that Jin visited the studio often, but he also showcased some of the gifts Jin had given him, which included a bottle of wine…

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And he even revealed that he’d also received some of the iconic strawberries. They are the iconic fruit that Jin has been known for giving to those closest to him, including his family and the BTS members.

Jin often comes to play when he has free time, comes with strawberries in the middle of the night, and is so kind.

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Aside from those gifts, one part of the show stood out the most to viewers, and it was when Chef Lee Yeok Bok explained how they had really become close. As the hosts walked through into another room, they noticed a huge wine fridge in the corner of the room.

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Yet, more eagle-eyed viewers noticed that both the wine fridge and some of the wine inside had a signature on them. During the clip, Chef Lee Yeok Bok explained that it was actually a surprise gift from Jin.

One day, he just ordered it for me from his phone from his seat in one sitting.

| @hohaseabt/ Twitter 

It isn’t the first time Jin has been praised for his thoughtful gifts to his friends. Whether it’s a golden toilet brush for J-Hope’s birthday, fulfilling his promise by gifting a bike to RM and giving the iconic strawberries to his pregnant sister-in-law, Jin is definitely wholesome AF!

No matter who they are, it seems like Jin continues to showcase his true personality, which is nothing short of humble and kind.

You can read more about their friendship below.

BTS’s Jin Proves He Can literally Do Everything In His Cooking Lesson With Chef Lee Yeon Bok

Source: @hohaseabt


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