BTS’s Jungkook Believes ARMY Loves The Zombie “Run BTS” Episode For This Sweet Reason

It’s definitely a fan favorite!

BTS have gifted ARMY with over 150 episodes of incredible, hilarious content through Run BTS. But one episode definitely stands out in fans’ minds — though maybe not for the reason Jungkook thinks we love it!

Jin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, V, Jimin, and J-Hope. | BTS/VLIVE

In the newest episode, and the penultimate one before the show’s hiatus, the group reflected on some of the most memorable episodes so far. They also looked at how ARMY felt about the series: which episodes we loved, which ones we watch the most, and which ones we’d want to see again.


When it came to which episode we’d love to see BTS do more of, episode 24 took the top spot: the zombie episode! It received over 4,000 votes — though the members weren’t sure why.

J-Hope: Why do our fans like those kind of episodes?

Suga: I don’t know.

Jin: Members being afraid…

J-Hope lost his shoe while running away from the zombies. 

Jungkook, however, had an unexpected and touching theory for why ARMY liked the zombie episode so much. He said, “Something like…they want to protect us?

While that might not exactly be why ARMY like this episode the most, it’s sweet to see Jungkook thinks about us so kindly. And if we ever get stuck in a zombie attack with BTS, we’ll definitely have their back as much as they’ll have ours!

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Source: VLIVE