BTS’s Legendary “Broke Rookie Jungkook” Story Showcases His “Weird” And Wonderful Personality

“He’s in the top five weirdest guys I know.” 

As rookies, BTS didn’t have cash to spare, so they made do with what they had and learned how to cut corners — sometimes literally.

The members are as rich as kings now, but they still love free stuff…

…and they haven’t totally lost their “broke rookie” mindset. Jin, for instance, is all about the side hustle. (He once jokingly offered to put the statue from “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV up for auction.)

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The statue is at director Lumpens’ company storage room, but he said he’ll give it to me. I’m selling – drop offers.

— Jin

At this year’s FESTA dinner, BTS reminisced about the old days and told funny stories about each other. Jungkook, who now lives in a luxury apartment, somehow went from not owning a single pillow in 2019 to collecting mattresses in 2022!

Jungkook (left) and Jin (right).

According to his members, Jungkook has always been “eccentric” when it comes to his living spaces.

Back when they were all living together, Jungkook “sawed” his mattress to make it fit his bed! (Jimin clarified that the “saw” in question was actually a pair of scissors, which only made them laugh harder.)

That was legendary when his mattress didn’t fit and he sawed it off! To make it fit!

— Jin

J-Hope described the incident as “culture shock,” but Jungkook had a totally reasonable explanation for his actions.


Work smarter, not harder! Getting a new mattress would have been too much work. He’d much rather do a little DIY to save himself time and effort.

“He’s in the top five weirdest guys I know,” Suga said fondly, and RM made a good point; “I guess you need to be like that to be BTS.”

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