Charlie Puth’s “Left And Right” Creative Director Matthew Daniel Siskin Receives Criticism For Misspelling BTS Jungkook’s Name

There also seemed to be a misunderstanding over whether or not Jungkook asked for a different stylization.

Visual Artist and Creative Director Matthew Daniel Siskin (also known as Gambles) is receiving criticism after a misspelling of BTS Jungkook‘s name.

BTS’s Jungkook | Charlie Puth/YouTube
Matthew Daniel Siskin

Finally, after months of anticipation, American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth‘s collaboration with BTS’s Jungkook is out, and it has been met with great reactions from fans. Not only is the song a certified bop and innovative, but the music video is fun and vibrant, showcasing both singers’ skills and their chemistry.

Still, a member of Charlie Puth’s creative team has been met with criticism.

Matthew Daniel Siskin | Gambles/High Road Touring

Matthew Daniel Siskin is a creative director for music artists. He uses his Instagram account (@work.pile) as a portfolio, showcasing all the artists he has worked with.

So, following the release of Charlie Puth’s “Left and Right,” featuring Jungkook, Matthew Daniel Siskin updated his Instagram. He served as the art director for this iconic collaboration.

| @work.pile/Instagram

Yet, ARMYs immediately noticed a major misspelling of the BTS maknae‘s name. Rather than “Jungkook,” the post in question read “YUNK KOOK.” Matthew Daniel Siskin quickly responded to the criticism, explaining that Jungkook had asked him to stylize it as such. He actually meant that Jungkook asked for the space at the center of his name.

| @work.pile/Instagram

“YUNG,” on the other hand, was clearly not requested by Jungkook. It was definitely a typo.

ARMYs pointed out that Jungkook would never ask for his name to be misspelled, considering he has previously corrected the pronunciation of his name. On the British talk show The Graham Norton Show, he corrected host Graham Norton who had pronounced his name as “Yungkook.”

Matthew Daniel Siskin later confessed and apologized that “YUNG” was, in fact, a typo he made. He joked that it was now Jungkook’s “rap name” as he hadn’t wanted to take down the post after receiving so many likes.

| @work.pile/Instagram

There had already been a lot of drama circulating the release of the “Left and Right” music video that even Charlie Puth was confused about. The MV seemed to have been delayed.

So, Matthew Daniel Siskin likely made the misspelling amidst that chaos. He was the one Charlie Puth had texted in the screenshot uploaded on Twitter, after all.

Still, despite his hesitation to delete the original post, Matthew Daniel Siskin accepted the criticism.

| @work.pile/Instagram

So, he deleted it and reuploaded it with the needed correction.

Additionally, he has turned off comments for that one post. Although, he still encouraged DMs.

| @work.pile/Instagram

While the entire thing may be deemed unprofessional, Matthew Daniel Siskin had not misspelled Jungkook’s name before. He previously posted about the collaboration on his other Instagram account.

| @matthew.daniel.siskin/Instagram

He also would not be the only one misspelling Jungkook’s name since the release of “Left and Right.” Official Spotify playlist “Pop Rising” identified the singers in its cover image as “Charlie Puth, Jung Koog.”

Likewise, years ago, Charlie Puth infamously misspelled Jungkook’s name in a tweet, reacting to the idol’s cover of his song “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Of course, later on, they would collaborate for a live song performance and form a friendship.

Nevertheless, Matthew Daniel Siskin attempted to make things right. Despite his mistake, ARMYs are appreciative of updating his post and his hard work on the visuals for the MV.

| @work.pile/Instagram
| @work.pile/Instagram

Matthew Daniel Siskin has also recognized the talent in ARMY and fanart. He even has proposed hiring some.

| @work.pile/Instagram

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Source: @work.pile

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