BTS’s Jungkook Goes Live On TikTok For The First (And Probably Last) Time


BTS‘s Jungkook shocked ARMYs this week by accidentally exposing his private TikTok account when sharing a video of ENHYPEN‘s Jay and Jungwon doing the “Seven (feat. Latto)” challenge. As soon as he realized this, he changed his name from “Ian” to “JK.”

He explained to ARMYs that he doesn’t plan to post on the video-sharing app. Instead, he’d just use it for monitoring.

| Weverse

Ah since I shared a TikTok, now you know my TikTok account LOL (ah I made the nickname Ian.. I’m embarrassed..) That’s right, it’s me but I’m not using it. It’s for monitoring.

I quickly switched it to JK… Well since you know now I’ll leave it as is, better that way lol

— Jungkook


Ah… I’m embarrassed… Heh Ha… Next time we meet/see each other, don’t make fun of me

— Jungkook


Don’t make jokes (about) Ian…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Jungkook

Since then, Jungkook has been liking lots of videos and even commented on one, shocking ARMYs.

Jungkook is full of surprises because no one expected him to also hold a live broadcast via TikTok. Today, he briefly tried out the TikTok feature.

So, now, Jungkook has held live broadcasts via multiple social media platforms: VLIVE, Weverse, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

However, it’ll probably be the last time Jungkook goes live on TikTok. Nearly as soon as he started the live broadcast, he ended it, saying he was only curious. He appeared shocked by the virtual gifts popping up.

Um…Settings…I don’t know what this is, but I better turn it off quickly. Haha. Bye! Goodbye! I was just checking it out because I was curious.

— Jungkook

Later, Jungkook held a live broadcast via Weverse. Jungkook explained that he didn’t want ARMYs to send gifts of GIFs and filters via TikTok, now knowing it costs money. Instead, he wants ARMYs to buy themselves stuff. He just wanted to talk to ARMYs since he missed them.

Don’t send them on TikTok. Use it to buy yourself some yummy foods. I don’t know how much it is but don’t send it. Maybe I shouldn’t do TikTok Lives. Anyway, I’m not feeling the best. But I came here because I missed you all.

— Jungkook

Jungkook is so thoughtful and considerate, always thinking of ARMY.

Jungkook wouldn’t be the first celebrity who turned off TikTok out of concern for their fans spending money. Previously, Jessi and GOT7‘s Jackson Wang expressed their dismay over the feature.

Jungkook briefly held a live broadcast via TikTok in the early morning of August 5. He had disabled the gifts feature, so ARMYs couldn’t send anything but comments.


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