Jessi Quickly Shuts Down Her First TikTok Live For An Unexpected Reason

Her reason for ending TikTok Live was admirable.

Korean American solo music artist Jessi recently held her first live broadcast via TikTok, and she was shocked by its features.


Jessi is known for her Instagram Lives, frequently interacting with fans. With her bold personality, her live broadcasts feel personable.

She decided to try to host a live broadcast via TikTok for the first time, and it was not what she expected. Jessi was shocked to see GIFs or emojis appearing. So, she asked about it only to discover viewers were paying to send them to her.

They cost money?!

— Jessi

After finding out that viewers were paying money to send her the “gifts,” she decided it was time to go. Jessi panicked, trying to end the live broadcast with no luck. So, she begged fans to stop paying money for the GIFs.

Okay, I gotta go! Bye! No, don’t pay! Don’t do that! How to get off? Don’t send me money! How do I get the f*ck off? Oh my God. Hey, don’t send me that sh*t. Don’t send me that.

— Jessi

| @itsjessibaby/TikTok via @povjparkbieber/Twitter

Finally, Jessi agreed to stay a little longer just as long as viewers didn’t pay more money to send gifts. She encouraged them not to “waste” money.

I’ll literally stay for like 30 seconds. But please do not send me gifts. Don’t do it. Don’t waste your money on that.

— Jessi

@itsjessibaby/TikTok via @povjparkbieber/Twitter

Jessi made it clear that it would probably be her last TikTok Live. She definitely prefers Instagram.

I don’t like this site. I don’t like TikTok.

— Jessi

@itsjessibaby/TikTok via @povjparkbieber/Twitter

As soon as another GIF appeared on screen, Jessi told fans she had to go. So, she ended the live broadcast.

I don’t need your money. I don’t need these emojis. Please stop.

— Jessi


she is very cute btw it’s her first tiktok live😭😭 #jessi #jessicah_o #slay


Jessi was not playing around! She did not want her fans to spend their hard-earned money like that. She would not be the first celebrity that this has happened to either.

Last year, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang reacted similarly when he held a live broadcast via TikTok for the first time. Read more below.

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Source: povjparkbieber


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