BTS’s Jungkook And Jimin Just Can’t Catch A Break During “Run BTS!”

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The latest episode of Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode – Next Top Genius Part 2 left ARMY wheezing! The BTS members did their best to outsmart each other, but a few members in particular struggled more than the rest.

At the very beginning, Jungkook didn’t start off on the best foot! Objecting against V‘s dice roll, he immediately went back to the start.

Then, when the time came for him to tell his own lie, he completely dropped the ball by picking 5 as his final choice.

It took him a couple of moments to realize that he just gave the members 5 more spaces each!

Ah! I should have just done 1.

— Jungkook

Soon after, Jimin joined him due to his own risky bets and attempts to take others down.

Suga knew that these two members had nothing to lose since they were constantly in last place…

Ones who have nothing to lose are really the scariest!

— Suga

…and with that, Jungkook went right back to the start.

In the end, playing bold doesn’t always work! Jimin ultimately learned a life lesson from the hilarious experience.

I learned a lesson. When you grab onto someone else’s ankles, I think you can’t take care of your own life.

— Jimin

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