BTS’s Jungkook Gains Praise And Love After Returning To Korea Following His Historic World Cup Performance

Even after a busy few days, Jungkook greeted fans and media warmly!

BTS‘s Jungkook recently made global headlines after being the artist to open the World Cup in Qatar, making history and being the talk of viewers worldwide.

BTS’s Jungkook performing at the World Cup | @fifaworldcup/Instagram

As expected, the performance truly wowed netizens worldwide, shocking them with his stunning performance that was historic in so many ways.

| FIFA/YouTube

| FIFA/YouTube 

Even when the performance was done, he continued to treat fans with a surprise live broadcast.

BTS’s Jungkook doing a Weverse live after the performance | Weverse

After the performance and live broadcast, it seemed like Jungkook’s schedule was non-stop as he was spotted leaving his hotel to head for the airport to return back to Korea.

Of course, as soon as the pictures were shared, media and ARMYs rushed to Gimpo Airport to catch a glimpse of the idol returning from his historic performance. It meant that crowds were building hours prior to his arrival, and media outlets were live streaming for as long as they could so they didn’t miss anything.

Even with his tiring schedule, as soon as Jungkook walked through the doors and was met with cheers, he proved just how much he appreciated all the support.

Coming out of the doors, the idol adorably pretended to be shocked by the flashing lights but immediately started greeting everyone with his bows.

At one point, he sent the ARMYs into meltdown when he unzipped his jumper to show off the shirt he’d received from the Korean football team.

It was then followed by something reminiscent of his departure as he pretended to kick an imaginary football.

Jungkook then continued bowing and waving at fans as he started making his way to the car. By going backward, he made sure not to have his back facing the fans or camera. He even stopped for a second to give a really cute peace sign and one last shot of his shirt before getting in the car.

Even as the car started moving, Jungkook opened the window to continue greeting fans.

The media outlets at the airport also managed to capture flawless images, showcasing Jungkook’s visuals but also his immense charisma.

Fansite @IDAREU_JK also posted some amazing images of the idol’s return.

Although Jungkook has had a busy schedule in Qatar, he has always made sure to greet ARMYs and media who have been supporting him.

You can read more about his time in Qatar below.

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Source: Newsen and KOREA Dispatcj

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