“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Reveals What Really Happened During His Viral Moment With Portuguese Football Player Christiano Ronaldo At The World Cup

Netizens praised his response to the influx of questions on the incident!

Although South Korea’s time in the World Cup ended, the team has received a lot of praise and attention for their time in Qatar. In particular, one player that has truly become a global phenomenon is “Player 9,” AKA Cho Gue Sung.

Cho Gue Sung | BBC

Of course, Cho Gue Sung rightly went viral for his idol-like visuals that captured the attention of both football fans and K-Pop fans worldwide.

| @whrbtjd/Instagram
| @whrbtjd/Instagram

Yet, along with his dazzling visuals, Cho Gue Sung went viral globally after an incident with Portuguese player Christiano Ronaldo during their match.

According to Joongang Ilbo and Sports-G, Cho rushed Ronaldo off the field when the Portuguese player was substituted off in the 65th minute of the match. Seeing Ronaldo “take his time,” Cho grew impatient and said, “You fast, fast!” in English (assumed to mean, “Move faster!”).

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Photos from the match captured Ronaldo putting his finger over his lips, shushing Cho, and reports from both sides had fans intrigued by the interaction.

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Recently, the Korean team returned from Qatar, and it isn’t surprising that all the local networks and shows want a taste of Cho Gue Sung.

It isn’t surprising that the athlete has been asked about the incident with Ronaldo. Although many netizens criticized hosts for trying to catch the athlete out with the questions, Cho Gue Sung responded to them all perfectly.

In one interview, the interviewer discussed the incident saying that Ronaldo believed Cho Gue Sung said some harsh words. Yet, Cho Gue Sung revealed that it couldn’t be further from reality, adding, “It’s not like that.”

During the interview, Cho Gue Sung explained that it was less harsh words but more of a gesture and that it was all done with the emotions he was feeling at the time.

A little bit more ‘Get out’ gestures or something like that. I guess I was a little sensitive. We’re in the middle of a game and now we have to win.

— Cho Gue Sung

Rather than anything rude, Cho Gue Sung revealed that he was merely asking Ronaldo to leave the pitch as soon as possible and used the gesture to relay that message. He then added that it had become a much bigger topic than he expected.

After everything was cleared up, netizens were angry to see that the young player was still being asked about Ronaldo. From asking to send a video letter or his thoughts, Cho Gue Sung seemed rightly uncomfortable.

Cho Gue Sung continued to show the utmost professionalism, but both international and Korean netizens criticized the broadcasters for focusing on a single event rather than what he had achieved. Hopefully, now he has cleared up any rumors, Cho Gue Sung won’t have any more questions about the incident.

You can read more about the incident below.

“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Gets Sassy With Portuguese Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

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