“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Goes Viral After Shocking With His Idol-Like Visuals In Unedited Preview Images

All he was doing was taking off his mask…

The entire world has seemingly been hit with “Soccer fever” amidst the World Cup tournament in Qatar. Unsurprisingly, the Korean team has gained a lot of attention for their talent, personality, and visuals.

Yet, one person that definitely caught the attention of netizens worldwide was “Player 9,” AKA Cho Gue Sung.

Cho Gue Sung | BBC

Of course, as soon as netizens found out about Cho Gue Sung, they couldn’t stop praising the athlete’s visuals and presence on the pitch.

| @whrbtjd/Instagram
| @whrbtjd/Instagram

Even his own Korean football team Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors became a stan account on TikTok, sharing boyfriend-worthy clips of the athlete.


Well, if his visuals weren’t enough to cement that he could easily be an idol, then it seems like he’s already on his way after netizens discovered the athlete’s preview pictures.

Preview pictures are very common in K-Pop, and although they seem low quality, there is actually a purpose to them. They are usually shots taken of a picture and are seen as a “preview” before they retouch the photos and upload them in full quality.

A preview picture of BTS’s Suga
A preview picture of BTS’s Jungkook

On December 7, the Korean soccer team returned from the World Cup to Incheon Airport to a hero’s welcome.

When it came to Cho Gue Sung, the account that took the “Legendary” photos was actually from a Son Heung Min fansite. In the post, the user was in shock at how handsome the athlete was IRL, especially after he took off his mask.

Of course, it isn’t surprising that the images were flawless as they ranged from the athlete arriving, removing his mask, and then showcasing his visuals.

| @shootandrun_/Twitter
| @shootandrun_/Twitter
| @shootandrun_/Twitter
| @shootandrun_/Twitter

When they were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that soccer players now had preview shots, also sharing how his visuals were truly legendary even in the low-quality shots.

After making a huge statement at the World Cup, Cho Gue Sung has become a global name, with even international outlets praising his visuals and impact.

With the future of the athlete bright, it seems like he might have to get used to the new popularity of global fans and even those who normally don’t pay attention to soccer.

You can read more about “Player 9” stealing the hearts of fans below.

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Source: @shootandrun_

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