BTS Jungkook’s “Dreamers” Helped Team Korea Get Hyped For Their Qatar Matches

“My teammates and I would listen to it when…”

Soccer player Hwang Hee Chan made headlines for wearing a “bra top” that wasn’t actually what viewers thought.

Hwang Hee Chan | @hwangheechan/Instagram

Now he’s revealed how much BTS‘s Jungkook‘s 2022 World Cup song “Dreamers” helped Team Korea prepare for their matches.


When Marie Claire Korea asked Hwang Hee Chan about the music he’s been listening to lately, there was only one answer.

The soccer player confirmed that Jungkook’s “Dreamers” was played nonstop everywhere he turned when the team was in Qatar.

These days… Well, these days, I’ve been all about the World Cup. And BTS’s Jungkook performed there.

And his song, “Dreamers,” kept playing over and over on television while I was in Qatar.

— Hwang Hee Chan

Despite hearing it so much, Team Korea took it further by playing it whenever they trained because it fired them up enough to push through. Hwang Hee Chan confessed that it’s now one of his favorites.

My teammates and I would listen to it whenever we went training. The song gave us such great energy, really. So it’s one of my favorite songs these days.

— Hwang Hee Chan

Hwang Hee Chan even listens to it when he’s not training. He admitted, “‘The World Cup’ may be over for Team Korea, but I still listen to it all the time. It’s such a good song.

“Dreamers” has touched the hearts of many, especially the soccer players of Team Korea.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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