BTS’s Jungkook Had The Richest “Broke College Student” Moment Ever

Two worlds collided in one surreal moment.

Question: How can a multi-millionaire be a “broke college student”? Answer: Jungkook.

After years of breaking boundaries with their high-quality music and sheer determination, BTS‘s efforts have paid off. They’ve achieved their dreams, brought happiness to millions, and made a lot of money while doing it.

Even so, BTS still has their “broke millennial” moments that make it seem like the members haven’t checked their bank accounts since 2013. For example, Jungkook slept on a towel because he didn’t own a pillow.

I don’t have a pillow at home.

— Jungkook

On the other end of the spectrum are BTS’s “chill millionaire” moments. What is a chill millionaire? Someone who’s low-key rich like Jungkook, who wore a $20,000 Rolex watch…to school.

While at an airport, the Golden Maknae had a funny moment that combined “chill millionaire” and “broke college student” in the best possible way.

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Feeling hungry (as usual), Jungkook did what any college student would do; he looked for the nearest vending machine. Eagle-eyed fans noticed, however, that Jungkook didn’t use a regular credit card; it was Hyundai‘s “The Black Card”.

This card, approved for the top 0.05% of Korean VVIPs only, costs 2,000,000 KRW (around $1,700+ USD) per year in membership. Plus, you have to be invited to become one of the exclusive 9,999 Black Card holders.

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Seeing millionaire Jungkook buy cheap snacks with a Black Card is funny enough, but here’s the punchline; his card got declined. This vending machine basically said, “Go away, you’re too rich for me!”

After swiping the card several times, Jungkook looked around for help. Thankfully, an airport staff member came to the rescue with what appears to be an ordinary credit card.

Crisis averted!