ARMY Notice BTS Jungkook’s Unique Shopping Habit — And It’s Something Only He Does

He does things his own way!

BTS‘s Jungkook does everything in his own unique way. However, his shopping habits are some of the best!

Fans noticed throughout the years that Jungkook often owns his favorite clothes in multiple colors.

When he finds something he likes, he makes sure to get in it as many colors as it offers!

The best example is his modernized hanbok phase — He owned at least 6 different colors, almost one for every day of the week!

As years go by, he doesn’t mind wearing the same thing multiple times.

Other phases he’s gone through include his oversized colored shirt phase where he loved wearing a big t-shirt in every color of the rainbow.

Of course, no one can forget his love for white t-shirts!

One time when he exposed his closet back in 2016, the iconic view of his white t-shirt collection left fans cracking up.

We have been able to see his shopping process during Bon Voyage as shown below. He sees a long sleeve shirt offered in black, gray, navy, and maroon…

…and as expected, he gets all of them!

This practical method is only for some unique people who love to stick to what they know…just like Jungkook!

Check out more of his unique habits below.

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