BTS Jungkook’s Shorts Just Sold Out At The Speed Of Light

In less than an hour, these shorts sold out in all sizes.

BTS‘s “Sold Out King” Jungkook has done it again!

Whether it’s Downy laundry detergent, wine, or toothbrushes, everything the Golden Maknae touches turns to gold!

Shopper ARMYs especially like to buy Jungkook’s favorite clothes, so when they saw these shorts, they just had to have them. Not only do the shorts look fantastic on Jungkook, the product description matches his personality: “The skulls fireball is a symbol for how words of kindness kill. Nothing is more powerful. Destroy evil & be kind to each other because what you do always comes back!” 

Jungkook wore these Kindness Killz Shorts as part of his boxing workout outfit when he popped by RM and J-Hope‘s DIY broadcast.

In less than an hour after RM and J-Hope’s broadcast ended, the shorts sold out in all sizes on

Even though this isn’t the first time it’s happened, fans were still blown away. One minute, ARMYs are crying over their wallets, and the next they’re buying $95 shorts!

Luckily for shoppers, the shorts are now available again for pre-order!

In just two days, Jungkook unintentionally sold out two products. What will he sell out next?