BTS’s Jungkook Undresses V During “Yet To Come In Busan” Concert Rehearsal

A free concert AND a strip club?

BTS are currently rehearsing for their free concert, WORLD EXPO 2030 BUSAN KOREA CONCERT BTS <Yet To Come> in Busan on Saturday, October 15, to promote the city’s bid to host the World Expo 2030. But it’s turning out to be even more chaotic (and sexy) than ARMYs could have ever imagined.

Maknae Jungkook especially has been wildin’ in Busan. It should be no surprise since he even posted a thirst trap in honor of Jimin‘s birthday.

Yet, Jungkook is bringing bestie V along into his chaos.


A video surfaced on Twitter where V appeared to be in a shoulder-baring outfit that one even guessed was a dress while other members were covered completely in hoodies. They were rehearsing “Spring Day.”

Many more videos have been revealed, showing Jungkook unbuttoning V’s cardigan and ultimately pulling it off his shoulder!

Before that, V had been doing the opposite to his fellow members. He was cutely putting hoods over their heads.

Ultimately, both members next to V started pulling at his cardigan so it would come off. Sure enough, we got a nip slip since he was wearing nothing underneath.

ARMYs couldn’t believe their eyes! All this happening just in rehearsal and “Spring Day” of all songs?!

Based on the rehearsal, we’re guaranteed some sexy performances on Saturday. Even the more conservative member, Jin, is in a see-through shirt.

Likewise, Suga appeared in a see-through shirt for the group’s new tourism campaign. A new era is certainly upon us, ARMY.

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And while V appeared shy with the members’ attempts at undressing him, he did totally go shirtless for a recent photoshoot. Read more below.

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