“Taekook” Trends On Twitter After “Run BTS!” Episode Leak

V and Jungkook just took over Twitter…again!

BTS‘s and Jungkook are a top trending topic, thanks to a leak that nobody saw coming.

On April 22, a Weverse notification surprised ARMYs everywhere. Run BTS! is a weekly variety show, but just one day after Episode 101 aired, Episode 102 was suddenly out!

The video vanished as quickly as it appeared, but not before some fans clicked “play”…and freaked out over its “Taekook” content!

On Twitter, “Taekook” (V and Jungkook’s ship name) trended around the world at the speed of light, and it’s easy to see why.

Let’s just say that fans have many memorable friendship moments to look forward to when the episode officially airs next Tuesday.

ARMY always looks forward to BTS’s show, but now that they’ve gotten a taste of this cooking special, they’re dying to see more!

While you’re waiting, check out these super relatable reactions to the leak.

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