The Reason Why BTS’s Jungkook Won’t Guest On Shows By Himself Again

He answered this question and more during his live broadcast.

BTS‘s members are making the most of their free time before their new album PROOF drops. Jungkook is currently out camping with BTS’s management team, but he couldn’t resist bringing ARMY along.

Jungkook | BTS/V LIVE

While relaxing by a campfire, Jungkook hosted a live broadcast where he talked about this and that, including his past hairstyles, current weight loss routine, piercings, and future plans.

| @dreamjeons/Twitter & BTS/V LIVE

In the past, BTS appeared on Korean variety shows both as a group and individually. RM, for instance, became a regular on the show Problematic Men for 21 episodes in 2015. He recently reunited with the show’s cast.

RM and his former castmate Jun Hyun Moo | @rkive/Instagram

Seeing these hyungs for the first time in a while.. #problematicmen

— RM’s caption

While most of Jungkook’s guest appearances have been with his members, he did go solo for a few shows, including the travel-reality show Flower Crew…

Jungkook (center) with his “Flower Crew” castmates. | YG Entertainment

…and the singing competition show Masked Singer. 

Jungkook on “Masked Singer”

In 2022, BTS is starting a new chapter in their career. Will this include solo variety shows appearances for Jungkook? Probably not.


Variety shows. Will I be able to do a good job on them?

— Jungkook

He explained that although he enjoys filming BTS’s own show, Run BTS!, he doesn’t think that he would be able to appear on other variety shows by himself. Even though he has come out of his shell over the years, Jungkook is still a shy person.


I’m okay with Run BTS! because I feel comfortable with our members and all, but I don’t think I’d be able to go on a variety show by myself. I get really shy.

— Jungkook

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