Jimin Was Forced To Miss The Graham Norton Show But BTS Found A Way To Include Him Anyway

ARMYs everywhere are sobbing.

The Graham Norton Show was meant to be one of BTS’s first performances on British television.  


Sadly, Jimin had to be excused from this scheduled appearance due to neck and back muscle strains. 

(★BREAKING) BigHit Announces BTS’s Jimin Will Not Appear On “The Graham Norton Show”


Fans present at the recording detailed how the member wanted to join the group on this momentous performance. But was not allowed to do so by staff members due to his health. 


BTS, however, made sure that Jimin’s presence was felt on their first Graham Norton Show performance anyway. 


Jungkook, who was also injured, sang his parts but the entire group made sure a space was left just for Jimin as their performance ended. 


It was enough to warm the hearts of their worried fans. 


BTS continue their concert tour across Europe and everyone is hoping that Jungkook and Jimin feel better soon.