LEGO’s BTS Set Is Finally Out, But The In-Store Decorations Are Even Better

LEGO went all out for BTS!

LEGO has been teasing that BTS would be the company’s next great collaboration.

Previously, it was reported that Josh (JBBrickFanatic) and Jacob (BangtanBricks) submitted their design for a LEGO set inspired by BTS’s hit “Dynamite” a couple of years ago via LEGO IDEAS. With ARMYs’ support, it was chosen, and now their vision is a reality.

At first, for the first 27 days or so I had a lot of trouble gaining traction on social media to get the attention of the BTS fandom (Called ARMY) and it was a real struggle to get to 81 supporters. But then one night Josh made a Tik Tok video to promote the set and it went semi-viral. We hit 700 supporters by the next morning and within 24 hours of that, we hit 7K. I believe our project has the largest growth spurt of any ideas project ever. After that, it only took a day or two to get the rest. So it’s hard to say if it took a month or 3 days.

— Jacob

Since the idea was greenlit, ARMYs has been anticipating the release of the BTS LEGO set.

Now, it’s finally here.

For those attempting to order the LEGO set online, it was like trying to buy concert tickets all over again…

Yet, some were able to buy the set in person at a LEGO store. Gangnam is fully decorated for BTS too, and it’s too cute!

If you go to a LEGO store, you might find a display like the one below. So, you can see what it would look like all put together.

In Gangnam, there’s even a little LEGO BTS concert! How adorable.

So, if there’s a LEGO set near you, definitely go check it out and buy your BTS set!

Read more about how the BTS LEGO set came to be below.

BTS x LEGO Is Officially Coming, But This Collaboration Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Fans’ Ideas

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