ARMY Suggest Making A BTS Month And “The Tonight Show” Are 200% Here For It

BTS month? Yes, please!

After watching BTS go all out to win the “Zoom Olympics“, get sassy in their interview with Jimmy Fallon, and dazzle with their performances throughout The Tonight Show‘s “BTS Week,” it’s no wonder that everyone wants to turn “BTS Week” into “BTS Month” — even The Tonight Show!

| The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

BTS just completed their takeover of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; having given everyone five whole nights of BTS bliss. That bliss, however, came with one major drawback. The fact that, when the week was up, we all wanted more!

Naturally, ARMY had a brilliant thought though! Instead of simply having a “BTS Week” why not have a full month takeover from BTS?

The idea was so good that when The Tonight Show saw it, they immediately tweeted out, “Let’s trend it? #BTSMONTH,” in response.

Hearing that response, ARMY everywhere are 100% on board with BTS returning to The Tonight Show for even more fun…

But only after they take some well-deserved rest first!

Now the only question is, which month can we declare “BTS Month”!


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