BTS’s Suga And J-Hope Write Postcards To ARMY

“SOPE” is sending mail to BTS’s fans.

Dear ARMY, you’ve got mail from SOPE!

Earlier this week, JiminV, and RM began a new comeback project for BTS‘s album BE called #Dear_ARMY. They each sent handwritten postcards #From_BTS to ARMY on Weverse, sharing their happy moments and asking fans about their own.

Jin and Jungkook continued the project the next day with two more postcards. Jin kindly advised fans to take a break from their busy lives, and Jungkook asked ARMY what BTS means to them.

Now, Suga and J-Hope have sent two new postcards to fans. Suga asked ARMY what BTS means to them, and he also talked about practicing the guitar as a way to find peace.

J-Hope thanked ARMY for being by BTS’s side, and he asked them which words they find the most comforting.


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