BTS’s RM Asks An ARMY’s Husband To Wait His Turn On Zoom

This ain’t about you, Mr. Husband.

Hot take: Only the most confident, loving, patient people should say “I do” to BTS fans. Why? Marrying an ARMY involves sharing your spouse’s heart with seven talented, handsome, kind, rich men who prove that, yes, Prince Charming does exist!

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One ARMY’s husband found out firsthand that if you wed a stan, your relationship status will always be, “It’s complicated.” It all happened during BTS’s pajama party with ARMY.

BTS on Zoom 

Yesterday, 200 lucky ARMYs attended four Zoom sessions with BTS in groups of 50. Here BTS shared fun facts about themselves, answered questions, and more. RM also accepted a marriage proposal and spoke directly to a fan’s husband who had joined the call.

RM | HYBE/Facebook

According to this fan, BTS started laughing when they noticed her husband trying to talk next to her. (Obviously, she wanted to chat with the members, not him.) That’s when RM chimed in. Since the ARMY was having a good time, RM playfully suggested that her husband could wait a minute!

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Tread carefully, Mr. Husband. You never want to get between an ARMY and their biases!

One other ARMY said via chat that her husband keeps trying to talk to her and interrupting the fan meeting. The guys cracked up at that, LOL. And then RM said, ‘Your wife is having a good time right now so if Mr. Husband could please hold that would be great ^^’ LMAO. Everyone got a good laugh out of that.

— @_we_purple_you

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