BTS’s RM Goes From Blonde To Black Within The Span Of A Couple Of Hours

Black-haired RM is back!

BTS‘s RM recently did a live broadcast with Jin. He was rocking a lot of blonde hair on top of his head, although he was sporting a baseball cap for a great portion of it.


We all thought he looked handsome (when does he not?), but he surprised us by somehow getting even more handsome…

About three hours after the live broadcast ended, ARMYs got a Weverse notification from RM. He posted a photo of himself, revealing that he got not only a haircut but also dyed his hair back to black! He said that he has even more to cut too…

| Weverse

RM has hair a couple of black hairstyles. This current style is reminding us of one from many years ago.

If only RM were to choose to let it grow some more on top rather than continue to cut…

Whatever he ultimately decides to do, he will rock it! ARMYs already love him and his new hairstyle.

Source: Weverse and VLIVE