BTS’s RM Breaks Down How He Took TXT’s “0X1=LOVESONG” From An English Guide To Title Track

Some insight from the lyrics genius himself!

With his high IQ and years of practice, it’s no surprise that BTS‘s RM has perfected his approach to songwriting down to a science!

RM explained his process when writing the lyrics for “0X1=LOVESONG.”

In a recent livestream, RM revealed his experience writing the lyrics for TXT‘s “0X1=LOVESONG.” The artist told fans about how he had to study up on TXT’s universe, as well as how he took the English guide and turned it into TXT’s title track!

RM was stumped at first when tasked with writing the lyrics.

RM said that after Bang Si Hyuk requested his help in writing the song, he gave it a listen and thought the guide was “so great!”

For those who may not know, a guide in songwriting is like a demo. It’s used as a reference for the artist to get the feeling of a song!

For RM, who taught himself English through self-study and watching Friends, the English lyrics from the guide inspired him.

He said the original lyrics for the chorus were “Tell me why you break this.”

RM explained that the last vowel in guide lyrics are most often the best fit for the melody!

For those who might be curious of the lyrics writing process, let me tell you this. There’s an ending vowel in the English guide. Say, ‘break this‘ has ‘i.‘ In many cases, this vowel has the best fit to the melody and rhythm. For those who write melodies, they tend to get drawn into what’s best.

— RM

An example of this is the official lyrics for “0X1=LOVESONG”: “Troublesome love sick.” The word “sick” and the guide lyric “this” have the same vowel!

RM said if someone uses a different vowel, “it becomes worse in many cases.” He gave some examples like “I’m a troublesome fool,” and “I’m a troublesome hot bar.

RM concluded his songwriting lesson by telling fans that there is always a best vowel for the end of each melody.

There’s always the best vowel for the end of each melody. To find that vowel is challenging but rewarding. People tend to follow what’s used in the guide version.

— RM

RM said he was really pleased with the final lyric, and fans agree that he truly is a lyrics genius!