BTS’s RM Breaks The Internet With Just Three Words — “Yes, Daddy, Yes”

“He’s driving me crazy!”

To celebrate the release of BTS RM‘s solo album, Indigo, social music platform STATIONHEAD launched an official streaming party. The host was none other than RM!

During the streaming party, RM shared words of wisdom and insight into his creative process, but he also took listeners completely by surprise. In addition to dropping this hilarious f-bomb…

…RM broke the internet with three little words, “Yes, daddy, yes.” 

RM recently confirmed that, no, he does not secretly have a wife and kids, despite the ongoing joke that he’s already a dad. But, as ARMYs can attest, being a child’s father and ARMY’s daddy are two completely different things!

RM has said many memorable things over the years, but nobody expected, “Yes, daddy, yes,” to be added to his quote collection. As you can see, fans are remaining calm.

Very calm.

“YES DADDY YES” has now been tweeted over 32,000 times!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out RM’s new music video of “Still Life” here. It might have you saying, “Yes, daddy, yes,” too.


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