BTS RM’s Dog Moni Cosplays As “Squid Game” Character, And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

It’s Lee Jung Jae’s character!

Ever since Netflix released the hit Korean thriller Squid Game, ARMYs have found numerous similarities between it and BTS‘s variety show Run BTS!.

From left: BTS’s RM, V, and Jin during “Run BTS!”

That’s not all. The members themselves became fans of the K-Drama too. J-Hope even chatted with ARMY about the show on Weverse.

Oppa, have you seen Squid Game yet?


| Weverse

Would you like to play a game of ddakji with me? 😏

— J-Hope

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Even Jin referenced the iconic Younghee doll from “Red Light, Green Light” during the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Los Angeles, California. He perfectly recited the tune of “mugunghwa kkochi pieosseumnida!”

Following Jin’s example, V was the next BTS member to rock a Squid Game cosplay. Another night, V appeared as one of the masked guards from the show.


Now, the latest Squid Game cosplayer is not a BTS member but a BTS member’s pet…

It’s RM‘s dog, Rapmon (also known as Moni)!

Moni (left) and RM (right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

RM’s latest Instagram post included many pictures of his cute white American Eskimo.

The pet is named after RM’s original stage name, “Rap Monster.” Moni mainly stays with RM’s parents, so it’s always nice to have these two reunited!

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Since RM was released from quarantine due to COVID-19, he must be spending time with his family since he couldn’t do so at Christmastime.

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| @rkive/Instagram

If you make it to the end of the Moni spam, you’ll see that he cosplayed as a Squid Game contestant. He and RM enjoyed a snowy walk, and Moni was dressed warmly in the costume!

| @rkive/Instagram

Specifically, Moni is wearing the number “456,” which is the last contestant of Squid Game as there are 456 players. In the show, this is also the number of the main character Seong Gi Hun played by Lee Jung Jae.

| @rkive/Instagram

Lee Jung Jae actually recently hung out with V, causing ARMYs to speculate that the idol may appear in the next season.

While the show itself is dark, these cosplays are the cutest things ever!

Source: @rkive

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