BTS’s RM Included A Demo Version Track On “Indigo,” Showing His Creative Genius

It’s also one of the crowd-favorites from the album.

With the release of his solo album Indigo, BTS leader RM is slowly unveiling a variety of content where he takes a deep dive and explains each song on the record, from its meaning to the creative process behind it. Out of the ten songs, “Change pt 2” is probably one of the most shocking for fans, as some fans declared war on RM’s hypothetical ex after reading the lyrics, while others were left gasping at the unexpected sound of the track,

The making story of “Change pt 2,” however, is nothing but glaring proof of RM’s genius as a musician. During the live broadcast following the album’s release, RM revealed that he recorded the song in a few minutes at eAeon‘s house, the producer on the track and a good friend of RM.

eAeon, whom RM described as one of the Korean musicians he respects the most

The rapper explained that he got very drunk and went to eAeon’s place, where he recorded a demo version of the song without any beat. The mic he used was not suitable for noise cancellation or high-quality recording either. He recorded the demo in three minutes, and then eAeon created the instrumental around it.

But when RM tried to re-record the song later, he felt that the desired rawness was missing from the new versions. So, they decided to include the demo as it is in the album!


The fact that RM could create such an impactful song in minutes and eAeon could build an intense track around it without needing more refined vocal stems speaks volumes of both their skills and genius.