BTS’s RM Wants Us To Like His New Haircut—And It’s Really No Hardship At All

He also revealed why he cut it in the first place.

BTS changed up their looks for the release of their latest single “Permission To Dance.” The members immediately became hot topics thanks to their gorgeous appearances.

Jungkook, for instance, snipped the long hair that often went viral during their “Butter” era.

Jungkook in “Butter” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
Jungkook in “Permission To Dance”


RM also came back with shorter hair that was cut closer to his scalp. It’s a trendy style that perfectly accentuated his sharp jawline and handsome features.

BTS’s RM in “Butter”
BTS’s RM in “Permission To Dance”

In a recent solo live broadcast, the BTS leader asked viewers to kindly appreciate his haircut.

I really hope you guys like my haircut because it’s my new one. And I really like this one.

— RM

It’s really no hardship at all! With his cropped hair, he somehow looks even more charismatic than ever.

| BIGHIT Music

As the comments came pouring in, RM learned that ARMYs genuinely liked his new style. He thanked them for their support, saying that he “appreciates [them].”

He explained that he decided to cut his hair after he was dissatisfied with a longer hairdo.

I got a really short haircut when I thought my hair was getting too long, right? When I thought that it wasn’t working out, I decided to cut it short, and I think it looks okay.

— RM

He looks good every single time—and he deserves all the praise he receives!

Check out the full video below!

Source: NAVER Live


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