BTS RM’s New Instagram Update Has ARMYs Debating Which Brand He Might Be Signed To

Which one could it be?

BTS leader RM has once again left ARMYs scrambling for clues with his cryptic new Instagram update.



The rapper is no stranger to leaving spoilers in plain sight of unassuming ARMYs. He has done it so many times that now fans are always on edge about every little spoiler-ish move he makes.

BTS Comeback? Spoiler King RM Hints At New Music

Even last year, before the release of his solo album Indigo, ARMYs guessed that he will be dropping new music soon when he changed his Instagram bio. Though fans couldn’t guess the album title correctly, they were right about his new album being on its way.

BTS RM Releasing His New Album? ARMYs Debate The Possibilities Over His Instagram Update

So when his old Instagram profile picture and bio were gone abruptly, ARMYs had every reason to suspect that he is up to something again. His existing display picture was one of his photos from the Indigo jacket shoot, and his bio read, “Indigo.” But on January 21, the BTS member updated his display picture to a solid gray circle, and rewrote his bio as “to eternity.”

ARMYs got to work immediately, trying their hardest to figure out if this was another hint. Given how the BTS members are now getting signed by luxury fashion houses, many thought this could be a clue of RM’s upcoming fashion deal. So far, only Suga ( Valentino), J-Hope (Louis Vuitton), and Jimin (DIOR) have been officially signed by luxury brands. BIGHIT Music also recently told media that the rest of the members are have also been selected as ambassadors by different brands, the details of which will be revealed eventually.

Only a few days ago, Matthieu Blazy, the creative director and Dario Gargiulo, the chief marketing and digital business officer of Bottega Veneta started following RM on Instagram. Around the same time, there were reports of the brand being in talks with a BTS member for a menswear deal. These two facts combined, fueled assumptions that RM might be signed to the brand.

Now, the same grey picture that RM has in his pofile, is being used by Laura Nycole, the social media curator for Bottega Veneta, as her profile picture. Mok Jung Wook, the photographer who shot RM’s Indigo concept photos, also changed his profile picture to the same photo. With all these factored in, many ARMYs believe that an RM X Bottega Veneta annoucnement is on its way soon.

But ARMYs found out that the grey picture, and the tagline “to eternity,” could also potentially be related to Calvin Klein. The brand has a fragrance men’s line called “Eternity” and the color scheme for the product is completely grey-based.

The fact that both the picture and the new bio line up with this theory has many fans excited as ARMYs have been wanting RM to do a campaign with Calvin Klein for years!

So, which one is it going to be?


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