BTS’s “King Of Rejected Handshakes” RM Almost Leaves The President Hanging


BTS‘s RM can win awards, but handshakes? That’s another story!

President Moon Jae In and BTS’s RM

Over the years, fans have watch RM miss out on handshakes during interviews and public events. Although no one who “rejected” RM’s hand did so intentionally…

…except his members…

…this became a running joke. RM even talked about it on the Weverse app. Apparently, practice doesn’t always make perfect.

Even with practice, there are some things that still don’t work..

— RM

Usually, RM is on the receiving end of “rejected handshakes,” but today he almost left his own president hanging. During the appointment ceremony, President Moon Jae In gave each member a fist bump (because, yes, he’s cool like that).

After bowing to the president, RM turned to leave, not realizing that his bestie in office was reaching out for love.

| @780613/Twitter

RM quickly noticed his blunder…

| @780613/Twitter 

…and his reaction was hilarious!

We’ve all had awkward moments…but usually not on this level.

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