RM Spoiled BTS’s “Proof” Album Way Back At “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” In LA

This happened in November and no one realized!

Despite always looking for clues for BTS‘s next comeback, ARMY missed the biggest hint of all that happened six months ago! During RM‘s ending ment on Day 1 of “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in LA, he left ARMYs with an impactful speech that flew right over everyone’s heads as an album spoiler.


Not only did he drop the album’s name multiple times, he also explained the sentimental meaning behind it.

You guys are the proof of our existence.

— RM

Our value, our breath, our love, our peace. For everything, you guys are our goddamn proof!

— RM

So we were the bullet and you guys were our proof.

— RM

So we’re now truly bulletproof. Thank you so much.

— RM

Half a year later, the trailer for BTS’s new album Proof was released on May 4. Check it out below!

Additionally, watch his full speech here.

Want more album spoilers? See what V had to say below!

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